•   Common FAQ!

    Q. Will my medical visit and records be private and confidential?

    A. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. All patient records and discussions are kept in the strictest confidentiality.


    Q. Who does the medical evaluation?

    A. All of our evaluations are conducted by a California-licensed MD.


    Q. What is age limit to be evaluated at your office for Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

    A. It is our policy to only evaluate patients for medical Recommendation who are at least 21 years or older.


    Q. I know that I have a qualifying medical condition but I do not have any documentation to prove my condition. Can I A still obtain a physician's recommendation?

    A. If you have a valid medical condition, but you do not have your documentation readily available, you may come in for the evaluation and if you qualify you will  receive a temporary medical marijuana recommendation, The temporary medical marijuana recommendation is valid for a 3 month period . This recommendation allows you to immediately become a legal medical marijuana  Recommendation patient. After  providing us with your supporting documentation then you can choose which of our plans that suits you best . ( See :: Our Pricing Tab )


    Q. Do you accept medical insurance?

    A. No. However, upon request, we will provide you with a receipt that you may submit to your insurance company so that you may obtain reimbursement.


    Q. How long will it take for me to receive a physician's recommendation and how will I get it?

    A. You will personally receive a recommendation after your evaluation by Dr. Daniel


    Q. Should I to tell my doctor that I have a physician's recommendation? Does my doctor need to approve of this?

    A. Our intention is not to replace your primary care provider, but to maintain the integrity of care necessary for our patients. We recommend that you do inform your provider about this, so that he or she, in addition to us, will be involved in monitoring your progress with this treatment. Your provider may need this information in order to adapt his or her management of your medical condition. It is important for all of your providers to have all information that is pertinent to your condition, so that you receive the best possible care.


    Q. What happens when I go to a dispensary with my physician's recommendation for the first time?

    A. When you go to a dispensary or club for the first time, you must bring the original version of your physician's recommendation. The dispensary will then verify with us that you are indeed a valid and current patient of our office. They may do this by either checking on our secure on line verification system or by calling us directly to verify your status.


    Q. Do you offer a 24-hour phone verification?

    A. We offer  a 24 hour on line and phone verification.


    Q. What happens if I lose my physician's recommendation?

    A. We will provide you with a replacement of your original at no charge


    Q. Will you provide my personal information to the government, or any other agency?

    A. The information between you and our office, as with any physician's practice, is completely confidential. The only time we would release any information about you is if a dispensary or club calls to verify that you are a valid patient of our office, or if a law enforcement agent calls to verify that you are a valid patient. In these instances, they would ask us if the recommendation is valid, and what the expiration date of the recommendation is. They would not be provided with any other additional information about you such as your actual diagnosis.


    Q. Do I need to carry my physician's recommendation with me at all times?

    A. You must carry either your original , a copy or ID Card  of your physician's recommendation.


    Q. Are there any conditions and diseases that would definitely prevent me from being eligible for a physician's recommendation?

    A. Yes, for example it is not recommended to use Medical Marijuana Recommendation in the presence of severe heart disease.


    Q. What happens if the doctor determines I am not qualified to receive a recommendation?

    A. Your fee is for an office visit and evaluation, not a Medical Marijuana recommendation.

    However if you do not qualify there is no charge.


    Q. Once I get my recommendation from a physician what should I do with it?

    A. You must keep the original copy of your physician’s letter of recommendation in a safe and secure place. You will need the recommendation to help prove your legal status following an encounter with law enforcement. The information provided does not replace legal advice given by an attorney. If you have any concerns about personal liability or legal risks, consult an attorney.


    Q. Does the federal government recognize Medical Recommendations in California?

    A. The federal government does not recognize California’ state laws regarding medical possession, cultivation, and use are illegal under federal law – even for qualified patients. Californians state laws remain fully in force regarding the use of medicinal Recommendation. The information provided does not replace legal advice given by an attorney. If you have any concerns about personal liability or legal risks, consult an attorney.


    Q. What is the online verification program do you offer?

    A. Patients can be verified 24 hours a day, 365 days a year using our online patient verification program. This online verification program will allow law enforcement and co-ops to verify your status. The online verification program is a secure way for patients to be verified.


    Q. Where can I find medical Recommendation dispensaries?

    A. Due to State and Federal Law we cannot assist you with this.


    Q. Is a California physician's recommendation legal in other states?

    A. No. However, certain other states have their own Medical Marijuana Recommendation laws.


    Q. What do I get for my fee?

    A. You will receive an evaluation by a California licensed physician and at the end of the evaluation, if you qualify you will receive a physician's Medical Marijuana recommendation which will allow you to use Medical Marijuana Recommendation legally for a medical condition depending on which plan you have chosen :: Our ~ 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year plans.


    Q. When will I receive my Medical Marijuana Recommendation?

    A. You will receive a Medical Marijuana recommendation at the end of your evaluation by Dr.Daniel.


    Q. What happens when my recommendation expires?

    A.  You will have to renew your recommendation